How to use the website

New members create an account and build a profile. Select hobbies and activities of interest. A photograph is required to open the account and identify the member. Members can then do a search for a connection based on activities of mutual interest like walking, reading, etc.  Search results will show you the members who share your interests.  The member can then friend request or initiate a chat to connect with the other member.  Members  can agree to meet, practicing social distance protocols,  for a simple activity like walk, a hike, or coffee and conversation, or they can meet virtually on Zoom or Skype.  

Who can be a member?

Membership is open to adults. Must live in the U.S.A. Need to have a valid phone number and valid e-mail address. GoDoSocial will need to be able to verify your identify.

Monthly Membership
  • Find Friends
  • Meet up
  • Socialize
  • Credit Card billed monthly after the 7-day trial
Annual Membership
  • Build Relationships
  • Stay Connected
  • Find Friends all year around
  • Credit Card billed annually after the 7-day trial