Martha Gamboa

Martha Gamboa - FounderMartha Gamboa is the founder of GoDoSocial, a new platform whose mission is to connect like-minded people to meet socially, face-to-face, or virtually.  It’s human connection on demand.

As a certified personal trainer and  owner of Yaya Fitness, Martha has been providing mobile personal training services since 2015.  She is passionate about helping people live happy, healthy lives through regular physical movement.  GoDoSocial allows her to continue to promote mental and physical well-being by promoting  real social interaction and human connection.

Martha was born in Mexico but raised in the San Gabriel Valley since the late 70s. She enjoys running, hiking, gardening, musicals, concerts, red wine, key lime pie and good food.  Not necessarily in that order.  She enjoys her home with her partner Norma and their dog, Kadee, a Chihuahua mix breed.

Her family, both parents and siblings, all live in Southern California.


The idea of GoDoSocial is just brilliant!

“GoDoSocial has definitely put fun back into my life. It has been a great source of companionship during quarantine. We recently had our first in person outing! GoDoSocial is a great way to meet new people and do fun things together.”

Jeanette C. Monrovia

About GoDoSocial

How it began

GoDoSocial is a social platform for people to connect, meet, and build social networks to promote human interaction.

During this time of Covid-19 it is more important than ever to stay connected.  You can do so virtually.   Do more. Share more.  Live more.

Our mission is to help build happy, healthy lives through social interaction and improve the well-being of the people in our community.

Who can be a member?
Membership is open to adults. Must live in the U.S.A. Need to have a valid phone number and valid e-mail address. GoDoSocial will need to be able to verify your identity.

Meet a friend. Volunteer together. Go Camping. Go for a long bike ride together or a leisure walk. Do it all socially.